Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If a show has David Caruso in it, it is bad.

If a show has David Caruso in it, it is bad....HOW TRUE

Most of you hate David Caruso, the crazy egotistical redhead. And you are right. I want to punch Caruso in the face every time he puts on those f'n sunglasses.
,David,David....He is such a penis. The monotone acting's gotta go. That "King *****" persona is the reason I'm not as big a fan of CSI:Miami as I am of the original.
CSI Miami is such a visually beautiful show in HD, but the ***** poor writing and Caruso's captain Kirk like acting sucks balls. His bad acting reminds me of Johnny Drama's auditions in Entourage.

I've always found his head tilting really annoying. He always tilts his head in close ups / reaction shots... it's bizarre... like he's a dog that's just heard a strange noise.
He also holds his gu
n weird, he tilts his head in at a strange angle, holds it close, and looks right down the sights. It seems so forced and unnatural... like the rest of his performance I guess....

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