Wednesday, June 11, 2008

David Caruso - Prime member of the Celebrity Outhouse

That arrogant red headed pin-penis...David Caruso, that red-headed fuck face imbicile we all hate so much....I just saw an interview with the one lone person who likes David Caruso...Gonad O'Brien...
You'll almost never see David Caruso do any physical activity and talk at the same time. According to Defamer, it's because he can't...
He's just that fried
And if he doesn't have his sunglasses, he gets completely lost in a scene.
Soon I realized that David Caruso is to CSI: Miami what Keanu Reeves was to The Matrix. It takes a special soulless brand of acting to breathe the bare minimum of life into a wooden, two-dimensional character.
Ham it up too much, and Horat
io Caine is a William Shatner caricature.
Act with too much subtlety, and you give the character moody depth.
Act with all the enthusiasm of a yawning suburban husband shuffling an overflowing trash can to the curb at 6 am, and you have struck thespian gold, my friend....


Quote of the day:
On a serious and sad note, I have mentioned David Caruso twice in the last week, once in this post, one on my own blog. Therefore, I am also cyber-stalking him?? (

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