Tuesday, July 15, 2008

David Caruso - Acting Hack

When David Caruso did his first season on NYPD Blue he was praised by critics for his exceptional acting and intense performances.
David Caruso then left for a movie career which fizzled and his name became synonymous with an actor who gave up a sure thing due to his ego and paid the professional price. But Caruso got a rare UNDESERVED second Hollywood chance to be a major star and took it and ran with it as the lead character on CBS’s CSI Miami.
He definitely was at his peak in NYPD Blue. Dennis Franz & him together were an absolute joy to watch .His "work" on CSI:Miami is posing & predictable one liners, & fiddling with those %@#$ sunglasses of his.
David Caruso is under attack in some quarters on the Internet, where Internet writer critics say he now forgoes real acting for a basic technique: he talks slowly, softly, sometimes averts his eyes from the other characters and puts on his sunglasses and delivers what some consider to be corny one-liners before commercial breaks.
Two things can be said:
(1) Caruso’s acting definitely has fallen into a pattern.
(2) Some may feel he sold out or has lost his acting chops.
These two factors may be like apples and oranges. But just watch the YouTube montage of Caruso on his show.
Do you see a pattern?
Doesn´t it make him a less effective and more affected "actor"?
Definitely, yes.....
Quote of the day - ....And if redhead, David Caruso, ever graces my screen again with that turn-slightly-to-the-right-and-extend-left-foot-back-for-enigmatic-look sidestep he does right BEFORE he delivers his dire, serious, yet punny quip, I'm gonna pluck my eyeball out with a soup spoon... (http://smutandsteff.com/labels/david%20caruso%20is%20a%20wanker.html)

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