Friday, September 21, 2007

Caruso's cheap chica!

There is an interview with a certian trashy "Mrs. M." over at lovely Chariah's page. It is hilariously funny.
Get a refreshing glimpse at the true nature of the Texan homewrecker.

"-:"i told david this will happend",says liza,not surprised at all;-"i might be in trouble,cause i`m not suppose to talk about this,we made an agreedment of confidentiality,not to talk about my past,but since he is dating with eva,what da`hell",says convinced,:"yes is true,i used to be an "street worker".i asked liza about that term,never heard it before,:-"i rather call it like that,sounds more professional",says,she takes a deep breath and start to sing like mariah carey:-"everything stared with my grand,grand,grand,grand...ok it`ll gonna takes at least 1,259,grandmothers!it`s the bussiness family!comes from the blood!i dropped school,that thing is not for me!then my grandma` told me"why you`re going to school?for this bussiness,you only need to learn is about numbers,so you can count when you get paid!and about positions,and i`m not talking about a charge in a office!",i guess that was the best adviced i ever heard,it was like she was reading my mind,definitly my heart beating,that was like a sign!she always knew that i have potencial!she took a look at me,the way i look,i dress,i walk,i talk,and my behavior in public,shesaid:"oh,yes,you are definitly a marquez!"says proudly,:"oh come on UFAL!what in the world make you think that i can remember my first client?do you have any idea how many clients i had?if i had that kind of memory,i would be working on the NASA,or somenthing!,but what i do remember,it`s that look on my clients faces!yeah,i was definitly the ramon`s best girl",says:"yeah its true i`m a little fat,but i`m working on it"says with confidence:"of course i got plans,in fact i`m writing a book,its almost done,but the thing is there`s so much to share with,that i guess,i`ll write at least 4 more to cover up all",when i asked to liza about her book`s name.."it`s call kamazutra II,and it`s almost done"...-:"i don't know how to define my relationship with david;its a healthy mix of infidelity,and agreedment!he's unfaithful,and me for the agreedment,i'm the one who has to containe thyself!thanks god its almost over,cause i can't take this anymore",says desperatly:"


Anonymous said...

jajajaja! i can't believe we're doing this!but i'm glad,i think the people deserve to know the truth about this bitch!i love you girl!i will love to meet you f2f!


Amber said...

Liza you really are a pig

Amber said...

The bitch truly is a PIG