Monday, October 29, 2007

David Caruso makes my eyes I have to say more?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Caruso and his ugly breeding mare...

......I've just come back from Los Angeles thinking what David Caruso saw in that mexican indian..I saw them in a shopping square and she looked so untidy..heavely pregnant and not wearing maternity cloths she looked like one of those shanty town poor mexican women. Doesn'tDavid give her enough money to dress more decent ? David - he was dressed like he's been sleeping with his cloth on......(posted by Mary, Abbotsford, Australia on

I can fully understand your disgust. The woman (ex-prostitute) is a disgrace for womanhood in general. But after wife nr 3 (lovely Margaret Buckley) ran away all that was left for Caruso was the left-over whore Liza Marquez.LOL

Friday, October 26, 2007

Caruso a Neanderthal???

According to a recent BBC News science feature( Neanderthals used to be red-heads.
Funny, I always thought there was a striking resemblance between David Caruso and an ape...LOL....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caruso's Latina whore....

A few days ago I started a poll and (not surprisingly) so far 77% of the people who vist this blog voted that Liza was UGLIER than Golumn ("Lord of the rings") or even David Caruso. (BTW - you still can vote!)

Great choice.

Congrats Liza - NO ONE IS UGLIER THAN YOU! (But we already knew that, don't we?) Want a banana, bimbo???

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Do you know how much Caruso pays her (Liza, the ex-ho) for being his personal breeding mare?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rossina Abbotsford, Australia wrote.......
"Could any of you please inform the public when the new ''little red monkey is born''..we got a box full of ripe bananas to send as a present for the ''happy parents'' and specialy for the big ''red ape''..(ha ha ha) .........."

Rossina, you are my hero!!! I just LOVE Australians! Supposed, the "red ape" fathered the child that is. After all, the Latina has a shady past....

Trick or Treat!

......"you want love? show your wallet"!, .....probably that was what Liza was thinking (or even saying) when she first met David Caruso.....(according to my dear friend Chariah Lynn ) LOL! If you consider what kind of job she had before she snatched up ( honey-trapped) another woman's man it makes sense........or? LOL.....

Friday, October 19, 2007

Separated at birth?

Striking the resemblance, isn't it????

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ladies beware...

@ Do you like to hang out in art galleries and trendy restaurants in LA and Miami?
@ Are you a young brunette woman in your mid-thirties who is easily impressed?
@ Do you think 3 times divorced men who dress like hobos on their days off are sexy?

Then ladies beware of THIS MAN!(See picture above!) Especially ovulating women should stay clear of him! Latest rumors have it that Caruso is on the prowl again - and if you are like described in this post chances are good that you may be the NEXT one that catches his roaming eye.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

She has a very bad character.

My dear friend Chariah ( has posted another HIGHLY ENTERTAINING CHAPTER out of the life of a certain Latina homewrecker, ex-hooker, uneducated skank in her cute SPANGLISH...Let Chariah entertain you...
........girls are asking me not to be so nice with hooker marquez,lol.the few times i've seen her,we don't talk,and honestly,i don't know much about her,except for the obvious!but i do know people who does,and i've never investigate about her(cause not interested),but if i'm gonna say somenthing else about her,i think the first word belongs to"her friends",right!of course not mentioned name,that was the deal,and i'd noticed,maybe in another time they would never,say somenthing about her,but as one of her friend said-:"the problem with this kind of people,is their nice,while they're nobody,if you are not a celeb,and suddenly you are,you have to be strong,to keep your personality,dispise your new life",and i'm agree,i mean,i said in one of my post,i've seen this bitch rejecting fans,but as this woman said-:"she is the kind of person,when she needs you,is nice,but now she's with caruso,and it seems she doesn't need her friends anymore!,i guess she is too sofisticated for us!",ooohhhh,first,i would never call her person,and second,she changed just because she is with caruso?,jejejeje,girls,can you imagine this hooker married with ben affleck,or brad pitt,lol!-:"the amaizing is that caruso hasn't even married her!",oooooohhhhh,that's a good point!,and i may add,who's caruso anyway? is that suppose to be a privilage?-:"well,you have to think,if someone would tell her that she will date in the future,with a star,she would never believe it",until now,i'm full agree!-:"no,i don't think this is like cinderella tale,i don't think cinderella became into a bitch,after she married with her prince"!,lol..well that part we'll never known,cause when she got married,there was a sign that said"the end"-:"well,i said she change cause B.C (before caruso),we use to talk on the phone almost everyday,and know she is "too busy",for her friends",jajja,i can tell you busy doing what,lol,but i don't wanna guess-:"she says her kids demand all her time,and david"!,LOL,LOL AND MORE LOL!,first,how many people have seen caruso taking care of his kids?,and second,busy with caruso?jaja,come on,caruso is too busy with his job wearing his glasses,and with extras,on the set,so please!-:"well at least,that's what she says".and the question is,how was this hooker B.C-:"well,like a normal girl,we use to talk,hang out,you know!",i'm afraid to ask hang out where,lol!but we all mega know that,right!-:!i think the situation is out of control,even we don't talk like we use to,i'm still her friend,and i told her a few weeks ago,caruso wont marrie her!",oh girl why you are so negative,caruso got divorced 3 times,i think he doesn't wanna make that huge mistake again!-:"yeah,but,they have kids,and a lot of time together,and when you're in love with somebody,no matter how many times you got divorced,its always like the first time,i mean,think about it,he married once,and got divorced,but then he married again,and got divorced again,and he did it again!,i think since his second divorced,he should be more carefull,but he married anyway,see my point?",of course i do,and what are you saying,hooker think david married her?-:"well,she has spend a lot time with david,and here between us,she is not lucky in relationships,is the first long relationship she has!"ooooooooohhhhhhh!jajajajaja,i knew it,i knew it all the time!,there is a rumor caruso pay to her,to have his kids,and i feel free mentioned this cause,i've heard this from people around us-:"i don't wanna be in troubles,i won't talk about that",aaaaaaajajajajajaja,and you don't have to,i mean girls,her answer said everything-:"i asked her once and she change the subject,maybe it's true,but she wants us to believe this is real,but i'm not saying it was like that!",well it seems like her friends has doubt about it!,hey how much do you think a person can take a charade-:"jajaja,if her relationship is real,well,love we'll lead the way,but if she got payed,money talks"!,LOL,LOL,jajaja finally, a real concept,i resume her dates in one "crowd,every single men on earth",but it was like that?-:"well,not that much,but i told you she wasn't lucky on relationships,i think no matter is her relation with david is real,or she got payed,i don't know!but this is the closer she got,of what she always wants from a relation"!,jajaja,i think this is more-:"liza has problem.her parents are not,what's the word?...ok,she didn't has this kind of comunication with them,and that was since she was a teen!we use to talk about that a lot!it's hard when the only people you can trust(your parents)don't do their job,and is harder to find out,your friends give you more support than them!",well,it's true there are parents that don't do their job,but,come on!the girl is not a saint,what she did,cause when you are tennager,the most of the times we don't wanna listen to mom and dad!-:"this is a deep,and personal conversation,it's true she wasn't a piece of cake either!the problem is i'm her friend(what a' friend),and she use to talk to me about that,but anytime we talked about it,she talked like looking for excuses,for her beheavior!",uuuuuuuhhhhh,jjaja,how many guys she dated BC-:"a few",LOL,LOL AND MORE LOL!!but i can understand,as i said we're not scientist,we can't count those kind of numbers,jjajaja-:"when you grow up in house,like that,you look for the love,wherever it is",jajajajaja,and what that suppose to mean?the love is in "ramon 4th class cantina?",jajaja,girls here's my advice,if you need love,you know where to find it,it's not inside of you like many retards says!lol-:"ok,now i sound like i'm looking for excuses for her",no honey you don't have to do that,we know the thruth,and i understand your position as "friend"-:"but one thing i can tell you,she is the kind of person,when wants somenthing,she go for it",LOL tell me somenthing new,jajaja-:"she meeted caruso,in a party,she was introduced by a guy(no names girls),but i have to tell you,she insist,i don't know but that day she was like ancious,i've never saw her acting like that!i asked her,if she was ok,and she didn't listened to me!,ok,was caruso,but we were together,and she left me alone there like an idiot,she dind't even has 3 hours when she was introduced,when she left with him!",woooooo! see,that is flash news-:!i didn't heard about her for weeks since that day,and suddenly,she was dating with him!i was in shock,how did that happened!but then i found out caruso was in the middle of a situation with his now ex-wife!,and men in those kind of situation are vulnerable!",ohoh! hooker took advantage of that-:"well,it looks like",any advice-:"of course,i asked her if she was crazy,and she told me -:"i know what i'm doing"!,AAAJAJAJAJA, of course she knew,oh god,shall we be surprised?-:"well,i was ",hooker went to school?-"yes,but just highschool"!,aaaaajajajajaja,now,where are all the freacks that said she was yoga intructor,and the smater girl of her college-:"yoga?who told you that?i know liza since long time,and i've never saw her in that"!,oh god,what i dissapointed,then the hookers from ramon cantina lied to me,lol-:"no matter if she wants to talk with us or not,i just want her to know,that i'm still her friend",jajajaja,,girls,this girl told me this,
(Publicado por chariah gabriela lynn
en 10/12/2007 06:12:00 AM )

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Caruso - the shrimp


Monday, October 8, 2007

Sagging fruits

Is it just me or are HER TITS SAGGING? WTF??!!! This woman is in her mid-thirties and they already hanging down like that? Is it her race or is it her life-style? You decide! Caruso obviously swabbed a good looking woman with the body of a model (Ex-wife nr. 3, lovely Margaret Buckley) with a used looking muchacha with sagging tits. No bun intended - but couldn't Caruso have done a BIT BETTER???

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Out on a date?

Honestly, we all can understand that the man has to go out from time to time and have a little bit of fun. If you have seen the latest pictures of the "family day" in the park you couldn't shake the impression that Caruso and the fuggly Latina broad (aka "The walrus") are worlds apart. As if there is nothing left to say between those two.....Today I stumbled across this very interesting post.
Read for yourself....
According to an eyewitness ( David Caruso was spotted eating at AMMO - a trendy restaurant in LA (1155 N. Highland Ave.) last Saturday (09/29/2007). With WHOM? (According to the eye-witness it was A WOMAN.) That is not known (But we will find out!!!). One thing is for sure - it was NOT the unattractive broad he is currently living with. Stay tuned and be the FIRST to know! ... (Courtesy of:

Friday, October 5, 2007

How many guys did she REALLY date OR Caruso's downfall.

My dear friend CHARIAH posted this on her most lovely webpage ( I have to admit the girl has got a point!!!!! Thank you for the good laugh!!!!
......"and the thruth will set you free"!,jajaja,in WDW,i made a comment,but you know sometimes it doesn't post!,i said if hooker marquez is a whore!why david appeared as her only date!and i said that i want to believe that WDW it wasn't huge enough to cover all the men hooker marquez has slept!;i still want to believe that,cause,please!but now,maybe people doesn't know about her dates,and we can't blame them,that's why i resumed all her dates in one,cause we're not scientist or somenthing!i don't know you girls,but i don't think i can count till that!in fact numbers are suppose to be infinite,but maybe they're wrong!LOL!thats why i call them "crowd" to resume every single man on earth,and there's nothing else to talk about!i'm so convinced about that,i bet my neck,you go out of your house,and ask to your neighbors if has slept with hooker marquez!?jaja,i just can imagine the answer-:"what kind of question is that?of course!who doesn't";LOL,and it's easier this pic.than take to hooker slut marquez's dates one by one!so girls thats why i created liza hooker marquez new date in WDW, cause i love the truth,and this is a huge one!jajaja...."
LOL! I ALWAYS KNEW there is something wrong with this trashy Latina broad....