Saturday, September 8, 2007

Disclaimer: I found this on another webpage. ( I have NO IDEA IF it this is true or not. Who cares anyway? At least it is funny and very entertaining satire....

Liza's Biography
Stage name : Gigli,she started at age of 15,liza was discovered on california streets by a guy named ramon felix(the hookers king),and hired her as stripper on his little 4th class cantina "chicas calientes por $1.50 cents la noche"(hot girls just for $1.50 cents per night).liza`s fame spreaded fast,when men heard about this particular hooker,that made amaizing discounts till$50.cents!.liza got today a relationship with actor david caruso(csi miami star),but its not gonna last cause he is having a relationship with eva la rue(co-star),and they`re about to break up!.liza is trying to contact her old friends to get her job back,but it seems to be difficult cause she is fat as hell "and her breast" says a close friend:"are 7 feet underground" says:"ramon gave her an audition,but she is too fat,and her moves,are not the same"says saddly:"but we are her friend,and we`ll do everything is in our power to get her a job".:"she was one of my best girls"reminds ramon":i remember the first time i saw her,she offered me sex,and i offered her a job..that was beautiful" says:"i hated caruso for a while! he took my best girl,and my bussiness broked".:"she was a good friend" remember kathy(name was changed):"we made every night about $5.00 dollars,and she shared the tips with us,i missed her when she left,but i think she`s back".other liza`s friend that worked with her(sasha)shared with us-:"how can i forget her?,liza taugh me the secret,about how to hooke up,married men" remember sasha with wetting eyes-:"i was a little shy,when i started,but then she told me that yoga is great,cause keep you relaxer,and flexible(very important for this bussiness),i took her adviced,and now i`m gonna get married with a rich man,as soon as he get divorced with his wife!thank you liza,i owe you girl!" says with falling tears.-:"i think the rumor about she was yoga instructor comes from that!i mean,she showed me a few moves,to all of us,but it was missunderstood"!.(information sources by:UFAL)


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EL SEGUNDO.....Welcome. Want to leave me a message guys????

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lol!hey cole,there's much more believe me!check it out again,you'll see!see ya' round!

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