Thursday, July 31, 2008

David Caruso makes you stupid!

I've been a fan of the original CSI series for a while, and even tried to watch the NY version (without a lot of luck) but CSI:Miami has got to be the worst show on televison EVER!!
And the main reason?
David "I only stand like this, and talk like this one way ...ever" Caruso! He speaks in "one liners" and they are absolute rubbish. I've only watched about 5 minutes of CSI:Miami ever, and David Caruso was so bad I couldn't watch any more.
He's awful!
David Caruso - I'm not sure if that is his character - or just a lack of acting ability - but it is ridiculous!! Not to mention those sunglasses... day/night, indoor/outdoor - it makes little difference, they are always on!
....For me the real motivating factor is my personal frustration with David Caruso. An award should be given to David Caruso for the worst melodramatic actor or the most stupid one liners given in a single episode. I’d like to blame the writers for CSI Miami for only writing stupid dialog for this character, but I’d be surprised if David Caruso could deliver anything more complicated.
Quote of the day - ...You don't need jaded stalkers in order to get the Caruso bashing going on a blog. Caruso gets it started by being Caruso. ...(

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David Caruso....oh man, aren´t we cool?

.... I know he isn't one of the women on the show, but can you really forgo a chance to talk about "CSI: Miami" and not talk about this head cocked douche?
David Caruso is lucky this show has any kind of viewership because after all his head-cocking he will now be type cast as someone that must play a character that wears sunglasses and needs to remove them before talking, followed by a head cock and the hands on the hip motion.
Oh man, aren't we cool?
David Caruso is actually the reason why we can't watch the show "CSI: Miami." We think he overacts ridiculously.
....but then again we thought CSI:Miami would be good to and boy did Caruso ruin that.
Quote of the day - CSI: Miami (CBS) Losing Face -- With an episode title like this, it's either going to be one of CSI's more gory outings, or it is a retrospective of David Caruso's career. (

Lisa de Moraes on David Caruso - part 2

Lisa De Moraes has written "The TV Column" for The Post since 1998. She served as the TV editor for the entertainment industry trade publication the "Hollywood Reporter" for almost a decade. Her comments - especially on David Caruso - are intelligent, witty and a pleasure to read....
Meerkats and David Caruso: Thank you for the spoiler on "Meerkat Manor" -- ... But as to urban crime, do you have an interpretation on that season-ender of "CSI: Miami"? Is he dead or what? What does this mean for the planned David Caruso Day?
Lisa de Moraes: First time I think anyone ever has thanked me for a spoiler, but I know what you mean. I have trouble watching this show -- and several others on Animal Planet -- because I can't deal with the death. Speaking of death, of course Caruso's character can't be dead because the show would unravel without him. Who would we mock? Can't wait to see how they reconcile this next season. Shower scene?
If Caruso really were dead: We'd know that he has a new job, kinda like we knew Adriana would get killed in "The Sopranos" because she was going to co-star in "Joey
Shower Scene: I could deal with the idea of the whole season being a dream ala "Dallas," but then we'd have to see Caruso naked. My eyes, my eyes!
Lisa de Moraes: Maybe he could be behind frosted glass? Please?
Seeing Caruso Naked: The trick is simple: Just don't look at him until immediately after you deliver a witty/ironic/threatening quip. It vaccinates you against the horror.
Lisa de Moraes: And wear garlic...

Quote of the day - Well, all this sucks, but it doesn't suck half as bad as David Caruso from CSI: Miami (

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

David Caruso - Ginger haired shit actor

....If you've ever watched CSI: Miami, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about...It's a hilarious non-stop reel of David Caruso's gravitas-defining sweeping one-liner shenanigans on the show.
Hes character annoys me. It comes over tooooo queer.
I. Hate. That. Guy.
His manner is so affected though, and self absorbed.
I also heard he burns kittens for fun. Then sticks them up his bum, he believes it makes his blue eyes mesmerise menopausal women into becoming enamoured to him and post shit on the interweb about how great he is. For DC, anally-inserted kitty ashes are the Spice. Makes you wonder if they help him travel without moving. ....LOL
Quote of the day -.... Fuck me, but Caruso's a shit actor! William l. petersen is about 20 billion times better an actor than Caruso ...

David Caruso - Mr. Pasty

Now that red headed wonder who stars in CSI Miami could leave tomorrow and that would ONLY help that show. I refuse to watch that show because of him. He has all the charm of bird flu....
David Caruso isn’t much of an actor, I like some of the other cast, so I catch it occasionally.He’s a pair of sunglasses.:^)
David Caruso, if you've noticed, doesn't even seem to be trying any more with his pre-opening credits one-liner. Last night's "He's alive, let's call rescue" quip quite possibly represents the show's lowpoint in this regard. The constipated-voiced one didn't even bother to finish putting on his sunglasses, and for the 1st time ever he failed to exit the scene at the moment we're greeted by Roger Daltrey's growl.
Mr. Pasty no longer cares.
Quote of the day - David Caruso gets on my last nerve. The hands on hips, chin jutted out, putting sunglasses on, look into the distance pose -- enough already. (

Monday, July 28, 2008

David Caruso - Carusobot

CSI Miami - Two things compelled me to begin watching this show. The first is Emily Proctor, who, back when she was on The West Wing, was the hottest thing ever to happen to the GOP. The second is David Caruso, so wonderfully referred to by Warren Ellis as "Carusobot."
David Caruso is, without a doubt, the greatest thing to happen to robots since the Governator. Which is good, because if it weren't for the fact that the characters were all prone to interesting and well-written dialogue, this show would be fucking intolerable.
(Besides showing us one more time that Caruso and his minions are so much cooler than we are, as if we couldn't figure that out by the fact that they're in Miami, which is, as we all know, the absolute hippest place in the world to get shot.)
The point is that it's fun to watch David Caruso be a superior son of a bitch to people, So, basically, the show sinks or swims depending on one thing - How interesting a person David Caruso is being a cock to...
Now, if you're going to make an episode of CSI: Miami that features a disappointing lack of David Caruso, that's fine. Even washed up television actors who should have fucking stuck with NYPD Blue deserve days off. After all, before South Park debuted, all of their ads featured a David Caruso joke. For that, at least, we thank him.
In any case, next week it's David Caruso vs. Terrorists, in what looks like our best hope for Caruso breaking out the death lasers this season. Woo.

...and to stay slightly on-topic, I can't stand David Caruso. He displays all the expression and mannerism of a block of wood.
Quote of the day -... F.Y.I. David Caruso is the fiery-haired idiot who left the popular tv show, NYPD Blue after one season to pursue a big screen movie career and literally "bombed!" ( )


....As for Horatio Caine, there are tribes in deepest, darkest Amazonia who, on seeing David Caruso, would, amidst giggling and in a language formed from clicks and whistles, pronounce him to be an arse.
Again, it's David Caruso that's the problem, even to ruining the aftermath of Speedle's shooting, which, given its importance in the show, ends up crippling CSI: Miami as a whole.
It's worth describing the moments after Speedle's shooting just to understand how woefully David Caruso plays it : At first, he objects to leaving, saying that Speedle's body is still warm. As a CSI, he really ought to know that the minutes immediately after a shooting is the perfect time to begin working the scene of a crime but it takes another character to remind him of this. Going outside, he approaches the owner of the premises on which Speedle was shot and killed and, giving him the kind of half-hearted shove you won't have seen since you were last in the playground, he says..."I'm going to put you in the car!"
Another actor might have lost control, either by drawing his weapon or simply by breaking down and crying but not Caruso. Caine keeps his word and he puts him in the car. The weeping of an audience of millions - directed more at David Caruso's hopeless acting than at Cochrane's death - could, I'm sure, he heard even in space..
I walked away from CSI: Miami and never returned, at least not until now. I can take the new Miss Ellie, I can even take the alien spaceship of The Colbys but Horatio Caine driving his enormous Hummer through a building as it collapses around him is either the punch line to a gag that was building for over two seasons or someone's very bad idea. I suspect it was the latter and that someone was probably David Caruso..
Why, then, they get CSI: Miami so wrong is bewildering, choosing to announce it at the end of a Tuesday night episode of the Las Vegas show with a grinning David Caruso. Whilst only slightly preferable to someone from Five visiting to tell you in person that CSI: Miami is up next before hitting you full in the face with a shovel, the sight of a very smug David Caruso taking up almost all of a 43" television can make one come over all queasy...
Quote of the day.... David Caruso is, without a doubt, the greatest thing to happen to robots since the Governator...(

Sunday, July 27, 2008

David Caruso - Other cast-members snubbed?

On September 9, 2008, Paramount Home Entertainment will release CSI: Miami – The Sixth Season on DVD. The complete sixth season of CSI's Florida adventures with David Caruso will span over fifteen hours of episodes. Yikes. (

Look at the picture closely. Doesn´t anybody find it really ODD that ONLY David Caruso "graces" the cover of the DVD-box?

What about the other members of the cast? To us it looks like as if David Caruso was given preference over anyone else. Certainlty a slap in the face to the other cast members. As far as we remember CSI Miami is a show about a team of CSI´s and not the DAVID CARUSO SHOW.

Who made the decision about the cover?

Did David Caruso INSIST on being alone on the cover?

Did the rest of the cast go along with the decision or where there heated behind-the-scenes discussions?

Interesting questions by inquiring minds.

If we look at DVD releases of past seasons we clearly can see that every time ALL the cast members are displayed on the covers.Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4 had a cast photo on the covers. Season 1 made the inside look like a field kit. Season 2 had a close up of Caruso on the inside cover, and when you open the flap, there is an x-ray of a skull where Carusos head was. Season 4 has a cast photo on the inside cover. Certainly the cover for the season 6 DVD-box will raise many questions.

If David Caruso insisted on being on the cover alone (contract?) - and our guess is good as anybodies - it just shows the that David Caruso hasn´t changed a bit over the years . He´s the same old Diva with the same old rotten attitude. But somehow, we knew that all along...

Quote of the day - ..David Caruso is almost pathetic as he attempts to be sooo dramatic.....(

David Caruso´s Barney Five impersonation

CSI Miami is in the top 30? (shudder)
How can 1.382 million people tolerate David Caruso's appaling acting in the show? I admit it's good for a laugh once in a while, but should have been canned long ago....Just something to think about while you watch David Caruso standing on a beach, acting through his sunglasses, praying you don’t notice how truly ridiculous his program is.
David Caruso is the most ridiculous looking man on that show. Put a halo on his neck or something. It is overly annoying. I can’t keep up with what is going on for looking at his neck and head.
There was a ton of head tilting in last night’s episode! My sister thought it would be funny if they filmed an episode from David Caruso’s point of view and had the camera tilt all the time!
I’m afraid that if David Caruso´s hands were ever tied behind his back, taking them off his hips, he most definitely would fall to the ground leaving his bobbing head to absorb most, if not all of the impact…OUCH! LOL.
Maybe if forensics were to examine his head-tilting, sidways poses and one liners, it would come up with a solution that could help to end this…Hmm? Could be the Barney Fife impersonating that has him doing this, too…Not really sure…LOL, though it looked good when Barney did it....
Quote of the day....I was thinking David Caruso had a medical problem or something he is attempting to cover up by slouching all the time.. (

David Caruso - A career of legendary hackdom

CSI Miami - Same old, same old. If you like David Caruso, you like it. If you don’t, you hate it...

I've been watching CSI: Miami, and I think that in real life, David Caruso must be be horrible at comforting anyone, considering what a bad job he does on the show.
"You hang in there. Hang in there."
He's the stiffest supposedly caring person I've ever seen. He does, however, get bonus points for always being polite. I love anyone who says 'please' and 'thank you.'
There's just some weird sort of voodoo going on on the set of that show which saps all acting ability from the cast (although that cannot be said of David Caruso- he never had talent to begin with).
David Caruso¨s impetuous departure from NYPD Blue and subsequent failure as a movie star is one of the great legends of TV history. David Caruso was being a hack early on in a career of legendary hackdom.
Conversely, David Caruso looks terrible on the cover of the colon-happy CSI: Miami: The Soundtrack.

Quote of the day a better actor than David Caruso's sun glasses, are compulsive viewing no matter how many times you have seen them. ( )

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The oddity that is David Caruso

My loathing of David Caruso is beyond all reason.I really cannot stand that guy!
CSI: Miami is getting WORSE and WORSE. It's becoming a masterpiece of bizarre extremist melodrama.

As I’ve watched over the past year, I kept wondering, why is this show so odd?” Then I put my finger on it. It’s David Caruso....
David Caruso is not just the president of the Over The Top Actor’s Club, he’s also a member.

He never looks anyone in the eye. He’s always standing in some contorted position with his head cocked in an unnatural position. He takes his sunglasses on and off probably a hundred times during the episode. And after he talks, he leaves the scene, like Snidely Whiplash pulling up his cape and skulking off stage right.

Quote of the day ...I thought for sure David Caruso would be one of them. Then I remember he wasn't dead — just his career (

David Caruso - Take that, David Caruso !

......But I do not, for the life of me, understand why CSI Miami is still on the air! The lead in that show, David Caruso, is known for his overacting. I think I have watched the entire show once and it was pure torture.
It is SO phony that is isn't funny.
There are a ton of videos on Youtube making fun of Caruso. It is like a parody of the real CSI.
Even the story lines don't make a lot of sense. And the crimes are always solved but not always explained.I believe, it has the same writers as the original CSI, but maybe not - if it does, maybe they only write the Miami version after downing a dozen beer - hey maybe doing so would make the show more enjoyable to me too :)
For all those who just can´t get enough of Joel McHale spoofing David Caruso we proudly present his latest masterpiece....

Quote of the day: ....It’s already bad enough that I can hardly listen to The Who without seeing scenes from CSI: Whatever in my head. Nothing like some bad David Caruso acting to ruin a rousing “Won’t Get Fooled Again”...... (

Friday, July 25, 2008

David Caruso - A new coroner, but....

CSI Miami casts a new coroner. One might think people would mainly talk about the actress who was cast and her career.
However, if you have a show that is headed by David Caruso people will do one thing - SNARK about the worst actor ever to grace the TV screen ever.
The following are a few snippets of opinions from the people. All of them very interesting...
  • Hopefully, she can hold her own with the king of overacting, David Caruso. (Jimmy Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 06:48 PM EST)

  • Khandi left because she "wAs mIserablE, no doubt due to that red-haired thespian Caruso, n'est pas?? (christine Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 02:19 PM EST)
  • And the Miami cast (as it stands right now) are all 30 and older. Jonathan Togo (Ryan) is the youngest. Adam (Delko) is mid thirties. Emily (Calleigh) is in her late thirties. Eva (Natalia) is in her early forties. Caruso is late forties at least. I'm not sure about REx Linn (Tripp), but I'd guess he's at least around Caruso's age. (* Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 04:22 AM EST)
  • Her acting can't be any worse than David Caruso's! (Mandy Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 09:38 AM EST)
  • Her acting can't be any worse than David Caruso's!
    I second that. And as long as she doesn´t try to outact David Caruso - which shouldn´t be hard - she will stay on the show for a very long time (Vixen Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 02:52 PM EST)



Quote of the day - ...Newsflash, I didn't become homicidal until I saw this crap... and David Caruso's acting but that's another matter entirely...( )

David Caruso - Any given Sunday

You repeatedly and intentionally watch CSI Miami. How high can your standards really be? After all, it has David Caruso, who was on my original list of irritations!
David Caruso is the DaVinci of acting....ahem...
...of course, I also think Carrot Top is the Shakespeare of comedy.
It pains me to hear this, as I have seen snippets of CSI: Miami in the patient rooms and I can only hope David Caruso become the next permanent guest on Hollywood Squares. Whenever the show is on, I start talking like Caruso.
David Caruso overacts and plays a damn fool. Carsuo grumbles and drips gravitas all over a crime scene... Irritating pontificating bastard.
Quote of the day - David Caruso is just horrible. He makes CSI Miami barely watchable for me. I really really CAN'T watch Fake CSI because of him. (

David Caruso is a clown with no makeup

What is "a david caruso" ?
Well the Urban Dicitionary has the following enlightening explanation.

1. david caruso

When one unwisely quits their career for something more promising and it turns out to be a dud. Then, they are jobless and stuck! I think Joria Fox pulled a David Caruso when she quit CSI and Katherine Heigl may be about to make the same mistake (

If you watch CSI: Sunglasses Guy, you know how absurd David Caruso is on the show. The funny thing seems to be that Caruso is even more of a dick in real life.
Down with David Caruso!
I have to leave the room when someone puts on CSI Miami.

David Caruso is awful. His character is the worst ever! All that squatting and the putting on of the sunglasses and the dramatic taking of them off and the cheesy lines *shiver* its all on the first page of the stalkers handbook.
I started hating his arrogant behavior when he thought that NYPD Blue couldn't survive without him and demanded an exorbitant raise. I won't watch CSI Miami until he's dead and buried!
David Caruso is a clown with no makeup ...

Quote of the day - ....Can the Leprechaun act without a pair of sunglasses in hand? (

Thursday, July 24, 2008

David Caruso - Pasty and saggy

CSI: Miami has some truly putrid acting and writing.
As for David Caruso´s acting skills - well i haven´t seen anything comparable BAD (i´m still waiting for the moment when Lt. Caine accidently pokes his eye with his shades!! i would pay for this).
David Caruso's Horatio is a clown beside William Petersen's Grissom. I was all set with David Caruso half way through season 1 of NYPD Blue. How he continues to earn a paycheck as an actor mystifies me.
My favorite part of the show is watching him suddenly glance down and nervously check to make sure he's on his mark before he starts saying his line. If he has to move or turn he often looks down, moves, looks down again, and then looks at the camera. It makes my night
David Caruso looks all pasty and saggy. And that's with good lighting. I wish I could throw my shoe at him.
Spotlight hogging, one-liner dishing, high expectation having m*therf*cker!
Quote of the day - David Caruso looks at LEAST 15 years older than his age (52). (

We HATE David Caruso!

The Internet is full of funny and witty people. One of those great individuals is responsible for the following post. Thank you, whoever you are for providing us with the laugh of the week!!! Needless to say we agree with everything you said....

There are certain beings who, upon observing them, make others wonder at their purpose. Platypuses, for example. Why on earth would God stick a duck bill on a fuzzy critter, and make it swim? To amuse us, or perhaps annoy us, are the only two reasons I can come up with.
Similarly, the Almighty hath thrust David Caruso upon us. He and others call him an actor–my guess is because ‘no-talent ass clown’ isn’t a recognized career designation.

There are plenty of talented performers that either are completely underutilized (I would like to see more of Rosario Dawson, please, if you’re a casting director and happen to be reading this), misused (Jane Lynch is a wonderful comedic and character actor, but she needs a meatier role to showcase her awesome chops), or don’t get any work at all. They’d make a perfectly good CSI: Miami star.
Instead, we are forced to watched this red-headed monotonal weaseldick stink up the airwaves.
I hate him because he has three lazy moves that I think he believes are grand gestures that can pass as actual thespianism:
1. Takes off/puts on sunglasses. What, is he playing peekabo?
2. Looks away as he says something dramatic. Is his character shy? I don’t get it.
3. Keeps his eyes directly on someone as he talks to them, but turns his body away. It’s odd and unnatural, almost as weird as the scene in the Exorcist when Linda Blair’s head turns 180 degrees. Oooh.

William Petersen rocks as the CSI Las Vegas skipper. Both of those guys are Chicago-grown thespians. Maybe Caruso should step aside and make room for another Windy City type guy.


Quote of the day - ...Then there's this letdown as David Caruso slides his sun glasses on with yet again some quippy line of "I told you so." (

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

David Caruso - Lightly Grilled

I have no use for David Caruso and his sunglass wearing, grimacing style on CSI: Miami so I tend not to watch the show that often. (I still check in from time to time so I can keep my Caruso impersonation fresh).
I was one of the readers who originally asked you to write a Worst of 2007 List just so we could name David Caruso the "Worst Actor on a Successful Franchise".
If you want to be really accurate in your David Caruso impersonation, then don't forget to look in the OPPOSITE direction of the person you are talking to. ;-)
David Caruso isn't the Cheesiest Actor on tv anymore he's just too BAD for even that....
Quote of the day - David Caruso: "I'm such a pussy in real life. Most people can kick my ass...".

...... oh, and I really don’t care for David Caruso

...... oh, and I really don’t care for David Caruso

i like actors who do character roles, and not much else. William H Macy, Giovanni Ribisi, everyone in Paul Thomas Anderson movies. Those are people who dig the craft, as opposed to the Denzels and David Caruso’s of the world.
How much don’t I like David Caruso?

I feel he is the personal downfall of the craft of acting. Not just because he is terrible, but because his show was the biggest show in the world.
Let’s have some fun and make this a searchable sentence.
  • David Caruso animal abuse
  • David Caruso is an anti-semite.
  • David Caruso suspected of arson.
  • David Caruso child endangerment.
See, wasn’t that fun? This will be archived on the internet to search for generations. ....Me? I don’t have great power, and so I have little responsibility. That is how I can say things like
  • David Caruso accused of spousal abuse or
  • David Caruso secret gay tryst
....and not feel bad at all. LOL!

Quote of the day - Jade not only ended David Caruso’s leading man career...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

David Caruso - Hilarious personality conflicts lead to...

David Caruso - He's always acted like he's such a hot commodity, but he delivers lines like he's constipated. He has no talent, and deserves to have his testicles removed surgically. I just watch CSI Miami to laugh at the funny angles they cam David Caruso in, and because he's such a horrible actor it's funny...
....As to the reasons why the entire cast of CSI: Miami launched into a naked brawl, with Emily Procter menacing Adam Rodriguez with a balisong knife while David Caruso, wearing nothing but his signature sunglasses, attacked Khandi Alexander with a qiang spear -- well, I hesitate to speculate, although I have heard that there has been a lot of personality conflict on the CSI set.....
Quote of the day - ....Nor is it helped by the fact that David Caruso’s showboating performance as Horatio Cane is getting perilously close to seeming like a caricature of itself. (

Monday, July 21, 2008

That David Caruso dude....

What the hell?
William Petersen is leaving?
I can't switch to CSI Miami, because David Caruso makes me want to stab myself. We hate CSI Miami because Caruso IS creepy. And ugly.
I have to say here that I despise CSI Miami.
I can't stand that David Caruso dude. He ruins the whole show for me. He is so dramatic, and with every line he speaks, he acts like he's delivering some very important piece of information. He needs to go act on Broadway. He's so annoying me when he takes off his sunglasses and narrows his head! That's one of the reasons I don't watch CSI Miami
As for the filming location, it's pretty interesting to watch the filming process. If you had the DVD's, they have extras on there sometimes that show you behind the scenes stuff. Most of it is not actually filmed outside at all, but a lot of the background is spliced in later.
Anyhow, Miami would be a lot better off without Horatio. Actually, I think that most of the actors on that show suck. But that's just me.....
Quote of the day - ..... I rarely if ever watch it because I loathe David Caruso. He is such a one-dimensional actor.( )

David Caruso.. redhaired arrogant jackass

I don't really blog much about TV, but I have to admit my guilty pleasures. I watch CSI: CrimeScene Investigation, and CSI: NY. I don't watch CSI: Miami, because once you get past the bikinis, all you got are plot too nonsensical even for TV, and David Caruso's particular brand of acting through sunglasses.
David Caruso is a Hollywood cautionary tale!! He needs to go.
You see... I despise David Caruso.
You know.. David Caruso.. redhaired arrogant jackass that after one season on NYPD Blue, thought he was hot shit, and quit the show to be a movie star.
Hmmmm... how did that work out for ya, David? For some reason classics such as "Kiss of Death", "Jade", and "Body Count" just don't appear in my DVD collection. (Please don't think that I actually KNEW the names of those movies.. I had to IMDB him.)
Quote of the day - ....As for the cast, David Caruso is horrible and the worst of the CSI lead actors. (

Sunday, July 20, 2008

David Caruso - Skinny and pasty

Who Are You - William Petersen is said to be ready to leave C.S.I. Apparently, Petersen has never had a conversation with the red headed dude from the other C.S.I. show. What was his name? The guy that was skinny and pasty and always wore dark shades from NYPD Blue.
Oh yeah, David Caruso. That's what his name was. Or is.
I quit watching CSI Miami because I just couldn’t handle anymore of the shades and unfunny one liners.
David Caruso is a terrible, one-dimensional, hackneyed actor who needs to either hone up on his skills, find a new methodology, or quit. He sucks, and I’m not sorry to say it.
Quote of the day - Wish someone would up the total to 78,101 by axing CSI: Miami star David Caruso. (

David Caruso´s Abuse of the Dramatic Pause Technique

I cannot imagine why anyone anywhere ever hired Dvaid Caruso to act in anything. He was mediocre in NYPD Blue, and he's DREADFUL in CSI Miami. I cannot bear to watch him -- all those stupid, portentous pauses, his ridiculous "I'm here to save you now, ma'am" demeanor, his weighty-but-utterly stupid aphorisms -- I can't stand the character and I can't stand Caruso, and because of him/them, I cannot watch the show.
I was actually watching the show the other day and was thinking, 'Does David Caruso always act like this?' Because if that's the only way he can act, he's not a very good actor. I personally think that Horatio is one of the fakest characters on television.
What David Caruso does is not acting, but "punctuation." He breaks up every sentence for "dramatic" emphasis, tilts his head, looks away, then back for the "punch line" tag to each utterance. His acting is as natural as a toupee. We haven't had this forced "acting" since Joe Penny in "Jake & the Fatman." When they let Caruso do a flat Sgt Friday type of thing, it can get fairly camp
When I 1st saw CSI:Miami , I was surprised at David's acting. Someone wrote that he makes William Shatner wanna say,"You abuse the Dramatic Pause technique."
Quote of the day - RE:David Caruso´s acting...Acting? What acting?? The guy is as wooden block of wood! (