Saturday, October 6, 2007

Out on a date?

Honestly, we all can understand that the man has to go out from time to time and have a little bit of fun. If you have seen the latest pictures of the "family day" in the park you couldn't shake the impression that Caruso and the fuggly Latina broad (aka "The walrus") are worlds apart. As if there is nothing left to say between those two.....Today I stumbled across this very interesting post.
Read for yourself....
According to an eyewitness ( David Caruso was spotted eating at AMMO - a trendy restaurant in LA (1155 N. Highland Ave.) last Saturday (09/29/2007). With WHOM? (According to the eye-witness it was A WOMAN.) That is not known (But we will find out!!!). One thing is for sure - it was NOT the unattractive broad he is currently living with. Stay tuned and be the FIRST to know! ... (Courtesy of:

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anytime baby,don' sweat!