Monday, October 8, 2007

Sagging fruits

Is it just me or are HER TITS SAGGING? WTF??!!! This woman is in her mid-thirties and they already hanging down like that? Is it her race or is it her life-style? You decide! Caruso obviously swabbed a good looking woman with the body of a model (Ex-wife nr. 3, lovely Margaret Buckley) with a used looking muchacha with sagging tits. No bun intended - but couldn't Caruso have done a BIT BETTER???


Anonymous said...

jajajajaja!of course i'm agree,my grandmo's breast look like a 16 years old compared with hooker!and if caruso couldn't make it better?well let's say you know the passenger because of its suitcase!if that is true!we all have rest our case!next,adam!LOL,good girl!next post?liza's terrible nose!

Cole said...

Only the nose? Her whole face looks like a deseaster!