Monday, November 26, 2007

Chariah got the scoop on Sockpuppet Caruso

My dear friend CHARIAH LYNN RODRIGUEZ is back again! YEAH! She just finished a great post on her blog which will be an eye-opener for all those who always wanted to know MORE about WHY David Caruso has so huge bags under his eyes . I'm proud to be able to present you with an excerpt:


.........why if you are the hottest,perfect,good actor,red hair,and definitly every single girl man's dreams,you have to pay to a woman to have your kids?jajaja,he is so use to pay hookers,that he forgot that maybe by this time liza can do that for free!by other hand,liza is so use to get payed that he has to,i think they don't wanna lose the family tradition... fans,let's cheers for david,the hottest,perfect,man on earth,and let us hope,for one day,he land and realize,that he is not a baby anymore,he is a human being not god,and pray for his children,that they never have to face in school the fact that their mother is a hooker,their father an alcoholic,fornicator,(but who cares?he is perfect and hot right? LOL)that seems to be the most important thing in this world for his fans,and hoping too,that he stop hide his behaviour behind his stupid glasses!!

For the rest of the post please go to and ENJOY!!!!


Anonymous said...

thank you honey,more haters for me,LOL!!!i swear god i didn't want it to do it,but those bitches from dojo,and other blogs,are talking shits about me!!anyway,here we go again,LOL!

Cole said...

Do haters really bother us? No. The more the better. i don't take dojo seriously. She is just a wannabe. Her posts are amusing but that#s about it.