Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sockpuppet David Caruso reviewed

"Anything that references the sheer fucking batshit lunacy that is David Caruso just makes me smile. Bless you sir."

Posted by Chez on(http://www.webstersismybitch.com/2007/11/dramatic-pause.php)

We couldn't agree more!!!!


Anonymous said...

honey i've seen that sockpuppet in many blogs,what does it mean?vixen got it too!

Cole said...

That is sort of a joke. Th silly fan-girls called Vixen a sockpuppet. She turned around and now she uses it on David Caruso. Clever girl! I thought I might do the same. It is fun.

Anonymous said...

well i'm in! LOL!!!

Cole said...

Glad to know