Saturday, December 15, 2007

Paris Papiro reloaded???

Back in 1994 David Caruso told PARIS PAPIRO to get lost before he went to New York to hook up with "Kiss of Death" co-producer Karyn Krooth. Poor Paris was heartbroken. After her tears dried Paris went to court and took Caruso to the cleaners with a palimony suit. and

In 2007 David Caruso told pregnant girl-friend LIZA MARQUEZ to get lost and headed to Miami to hook up with a Miami Nightclub executive. According to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER both have agreed to meet in court for a custody and palimony settlement. (

Will history repeat itself?

Will Liza go for the gold (like Paris before her)?
Will Caruso ever learn from his mistakes?
Only time will tell.....

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