Saturday, December 22, 2007

Introducing - David Caruso's Pickle!

Question: WHO is David Caruso's closest friend AND his BIGGEST ENEMY at the same time?

Answer 1: VIXEN (EVERYBODY knows WHO she is. A very feisty lady) ???? NO.

Answer 2: HIS WILLY!!! His little David Caruso AKA GINGER PICKLE.

We all know there are different kinds of "pickles". Fresh ones and the long past its time (lovingly called "over-seasoned pickle" by "Sweet Pickles") pickles.

In David Caruso's case it is a safe thing to say that his pickle is a MEDIEVAL AGED specimen. A pickle SMALL (Teeny Weeny) in size which has been passed around , licked , nibbled and stroked quite often. However, be very VERY careful ladies! Caruso's pickle is a very slippery one . One that likes to roam around to play with pickle-gourmets who are a lot younger . It is our strong believe, that his roaming pickle has brought Caruso into trouble more than once.
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