Sunday, December 30, 2007

David Caruso - Not worth mentioning!

Every year towards the end lists are made of celebrities/actors who are hated/despised the most. So called "The worst of....2007" - lists.

A lovely tradition.

We know about celebs/actors who scan the net regularily to check if they made it onto one of those lists or not. Some names are being mentioned every year. While some names (which we think should be part of EVERY LIST) are never mentioned. Then are those names who shouldn't be on any of the lists at all.

We found the following highly amusing blurb on one of those pages. It kind of made our day:
"Tristessa wonders why nobody has mentioned David Caruso.
Perhaps David Caruso's acting career, much like Philip Michael Thomas' music career, is a matter of such complete indifference to everyone that it is not even worth taking the effort to spite it. Just a thought."
Hear! Hear! We couldn't have said it better!

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