Monday, December 24, 2007

David Caruso - cheater of the year!

Every year organizations/newspapers give away a variety of awards. Some awards are gladly taken. Some awards are best ignored. We mused what kind of award would David Caruso this year (if someone actually bothered to nominate him)?

*The Award for the Best Actor? NAH

*The Award for the best dressed man of the industry? A big NO again.

*The Hero-of-the-year Award? No, not HIM.

Then it hit us! The only possible award David Caruso could get this year would be for the
Admittedly, we don't know if such an award exists at all - BUT IF - David Caruso would be the most likely candidate to get it. (Maybe they invent it especially for him!)

The stunt of leaving his pregnant girl-friend 15 days BEFORE she is due to give birth for a Miami Nightclub executive DESERVES at least a "honorable" mention. (To be fair, we are currently searching for other guys who pulled a stunt like that. Until now we have come up empty.)

Way to go Dave! You really must be proud of yourself. Or not?

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