Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did David Caruso boot the Latina out????


CSI: Miami star David Caruso dumped his longterm girlfriend while she was pregnant with their second child, according to reports. The National Enquirer claims Caruso, 51, walked out on 37-year-old Lisa Marquez and started dating a mystery nightclub executive, before Marquez gave birth to his daughter Paloma on October 14, 2007. A source tells the tabloid, "By the time the new baby was born, David and Liza had split. She went through the birth on her own. Now the poor thing is miserable." The couple also have a two year old son called Marquez. Caruso has three failed marriages.
Will HOMEWRECKER Liza Marquez suffer the same fate as LOVELY Margaret Buckley (Carusos ex-wife number 3)????

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