Wednesday, January 9, 2008

David Caruso - Business, Pleasure and Fans

The National Enquirer had it FIRST - Thank you guys for the great article!!!!
Then WE picked it up. - It was just too outrageous/too good to let it rest or miss.
Back in October 2007 David Caruso dumped his then pregnant girl-friend for a Miami Nightclub Executive.

Of course, thereare always a couple of naive fans who refuse to believe it.
David Caruso couldn't!
David Caruso wouldn't!


Now David Caruso spent a couple of days in Las Vegas - launching a new company (with some business associates) . A few blogs/websites reported about it. (However, they didn't say WHOM he spent the nights/evenings with....LOL. )

Do fans finally see the writing on the wall???
Trust us, NO.

Instead they blabber mindlessly about "Business before pleasure." , "Caruso spending his birthday not at home? Perfectly normal!"....blah, blah.....

A desperate attempt to ignore what has become self-evident over the last weeks/months. Like the National Enquirer CORRECTLY stated David Caruso and his girl-friend are separated. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen David Caruso has left the premises to screw another woman. Caruso has a new business AND a new girl-friend........shouldn't his fans be HAPPY for the man???


chariah said...

jajajajaja,naive?jajajaja,i rather call to those loosers,brainless,jajajaa,oh my god girl,the get so mad anytime i cal them like that!lol

Cole said...

They just can't accept it that Caruso is screwing someone else. it is the one with the short brunette hair . She wears it combed back.