Friday, January 25, 2008

David Caruso - Japan reloaded

We know it has been awhile since David Caruso beleaguered Japan to promote the release of the latest CSI Miami DVD. As always, reactions to David Caruso were MIXED. It wasn' like David Caruso took the Japanese by storm. The following comments reflect the mixed emotions about one-trick-pony David Caruso.
"Poor guy.The others get attractive girls to support, he gets the old Kano sisters. My bet is he will not come back next time ....."

"Bargain basement Japanese talent pimping a bargain basement U.S. TV show. "

"Took them a while to find two thespians of Caruso’s stature, but in the end they acquitted themselves admirably."

"If you ask me, that guy has a hard time impersonating an actor."

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