Saturday, January 5, 2008

David Caruso - A High-Profiler???

One of David Caruso's jesters (very entertaining those people) made the following comment: "The absurdity that high-profilers like David Caruso ever would......"


Ahem. Cough. We are pretty sure that David Caruso AND high-profiler are two things that clearly exclude each other.
Aren't high-rollers the center of interest because they are individuals with a lot of talent and success on every level of their respective lives? Successful in business matters AND in private. And High-rollers seldom know the meaning of the word "failure" , right??? If yes, that would nix David Caruso as a high-profiler immediately.

Does making the cover of the TV Guide (other magazines obviously aren't interested) every year make Caruso a high-profiler? Or is Caruso supposedly a high-profiler because people like to laugh at him and the bad movie-flicks he forced upon us? Some of them so bad they made it straight to video? Nobody wanted to see them then. Nobody wants to see them today.

Maybe we are completely wrong. Maybe the jester meant David Caruso is a high-profiler of the divorce courts.
OK, we can live with that.
David Caruso has a bad rap-sheet with women. Every relationship he has/had ended messy. Rolling out of one bed into an other. He kept the courts busy. David Caruso the high profiler in divorces.


Sorry gals, but old firecrotch Dave and Kevin Federline share the same level. We are sure real high-rollers would frown upon being mentioned with the likes of David Caruso .

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