Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lexicon AND CSI Miami

Bloggers/people have been musing about it all the time. What could someone like David Caruso possible contribute to a compay like "Lexicon" ???

"Star power" and money were/are the best guesses.

A few days ago a link to CSI Miami has been added to the unspectacular homepage. (What do CSI Miami and the start-up have in common other than David Caruso???) There is a PR-piece written by one of the co-founders which amused us to no end:
"David Caruso - Chairman & CEO", Star of NYPD Blue and CSI Miami;.......... a veteran in the industry with 30 years of professional experience and success....."

AHEM; AHEM......we all know that the net (paper) doesn't blush and overstatements are the norm if one writes a PR-piece like that.

The writer CONVENIENTLY forgot to mention the 8 years of failures Caruso has to show for himself. The writer CONVENIENTLY forgot to mention the movies nobody wanted to see. The writer CONVENIENTLY forgot to mention Caruso's show that was killed after only ONE SEASON.

OK , 30 years of experience we buy that.
But 30 years of SUCCESS???? We beg to differ.

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