Wednesday, January 23, 2008

David Caruso - Only women please!!!

We are sure you all remember David Caruso's goofying around and hitting on female reporter Kara Tsuboi ( at the CES Las Vegas.

Apparently. the attractive woman wasn't the only victim of David Caruso's hormones running wild. Being the center of attention seems to make Caruso horny.
A blogger who happened to be at the PubCON 2007 in Las Vegas just reported that David Caruso hit on his wife too.
But that wasn't all!!!
Caruso asked the woman if he could take a picture with her. Caruso showed no interest whatsoever to have his picture taken with the guy. ONLY women please!!! (

Huh? Since when does a celeb ask/beg other people to take pictures with him?
Isn't it the other way around?
Did we miss something?
Funny, odd or just embarrassing?

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