Tuesday, January 22, 2008

David Caruso's School of Acting.

After watching the last few (painful) episodes of CSI Miami we have come to the conclusion that David Caruso is trying to teach us somthing about acting (Hear! Hear!):

Rule #1: Never look directly at the camera. David Caruso always looks off to the side, either left or right. He doesn’t even look at the other actor while he’s speaking. He always looks like a bad ass when he does this.......* rolls eyes*

Rule #2: If you want to appear taller, or bigger (since he isn’t an extremely tall man). Have the camera film you from a distance but from almost ground level. You will seem like a giant!

Rule #3 (David Caruso does this EVERY episode) : When you want to say something extremely profound or ‘bad ass’ end the statement by putting your sunglasses on and walk off the sight line of the camera. This is so very very bad ass!
LOL....Honestly, HOW did David Caruso ever get an acting job? He is so BAD at everything!!!!


chariah said...

yeah,but the problem with caruso is: who da' hell told him that he is an actor in the first place and second,i dont think that might exist an school for jerks like him

Cole said...

Chariah - I just LOVE your words of wisdom....