Saturday, January 5, 2008

David Caruso - The Power of Kiss and Tell

It is as old as humanity itself....Kiss and Tell....
There are those wo do it.
There are those who see it.
There are those who tell about it.
There are those who write about it... a perfect symbiosis.
WHO is to blame ?

The person that kisses and tells OR the person that did the unthinkable? We don't need think twice to take our pick - the latter one. You see, if you don't do anything that is worth gossiping about no one would have anything to kiss and tell. Right???

It took us by surprise. When we opened a certain page we had to look twice to grasp the headline and its meaning:
"DAVID CARUSO - A love cheat???David Caruso dumped his pregant girlfriend FOR ANOTHER WOMAN - an attractive Miami Nightclub executive..."

We don't feel sorry for David Caruso that the word got out. He did it all to himself.Sooner or later it would have happened anyway. People who have chosen a life in public know that hardly anything remains a secret. Especially, not things like that. We hope for more such articles to shed some light on the whole sordid affair.

A BIG THANK YOU to whomever kissed and told.....we appreciate it!!! YOU TEL and WE'LL LISTEN!!!


chariah said...

i love that word,dump,sounds like if he kick her ass pretty hard!lol

Cole said...

You BET he did.