Friday, February 13, 2009

David Caruso - Ever had sex with David Caruso?

We know, it is a completely gross thought. He is old, ugly, wrinly and just a huge DORK (= Icon of Idiocy). Besides, we doubt he would be able to get it up without one or the other little helper....(Thank God, for little blue pills, right Dave?)

.....Just a random LOLism I made in honor of an inside joke in my circle of friends.
Get enough alcohol into your system...well, let me just say that it involved an entire e-mail conversation about how gross it would be to have sex with David Caruso.
Of course, when he's done having his way with you, he would turn to you in profile, take off his ever present sunglasses, and say "and that's how you crack the case!"...

Quote of the day - No, David Caruso neither inspires fear, or sexual feelings. Only pity. (

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