Friday, February 6, 2009

David Caruso - Shave it, Caruso!

We all know Icon of Idiocy David Caruso is in constant need of money: two kids out of wedlock, an Ex and sperm receptacle Amina Islam have to be clothed and fed. Plus the maintenance for two houses that has to be paid. And ocassional strip-bar visits aren't that cheap either...
Oh boy, playing musical houses can burn a hole in a mans' wallet, right Dave?
According to a fellow blogger David Caruso obviously has found a way - to make some additional cash:

....David Caruso outdid himself this time. Not only is he already an internet meme superstar, he has decided to come out with a line of very life-like action figures of himself saying “You can shave the baby!”
Therein folks, lies the trend-savvyness and mystery of David Caruso.
  • What do you shave the baby with?
  • Where’s the baby to shave?
  • Who’s baby is it?
  • Are we expected to shave the proverbial baby?
  • Do babies need to be shaved against the grain?
Go against the grain, David! Do it!
And the fact that he made the executive decision to let his action figure wear the new Softmoc Emu boots (Uggs are so Jessica Blimpson circa Nick Laghey) shows that he is not only a branding genius, but a fashion canon of our generation.
Watch out Armani! Another bisexual is coming to take your throne away...
Quote of the day - Poor David Caruso. I remember when he was a big hit on NYPD Blue, then left the show to further his "movie career". Guess that didn't work out much, eh Dave? (

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