Tuesday, February 17, 2009

David Caruso - Oh, crap! It's Caruso!

One funny picture.
One funny caption.
14 hilariously funny answers. ENJOY!!!

"Oh crap. He took the shades off. RUN. Does this mean he doesn’t have a career now? (David Caruso)"

That may be the creepiest picture I’ve ever seen of him. Looks like he’s practicing seducing people like a serial killer would.

If he had a brain he would understand how ridiculous he looks. He still thinks he looks cool doing that. That moron was still in grade school when Robert Stack made fun of the Sunglasses Yank in Airplane!

Does anybody else thing this man looks like an orange lizard…?

Captain Blowme
Uhoh, he took the glasses off. He is now -20 Acting Ability, -50 Emoting.
forge Also, channeling Chester the Cheezy Cheetah =/= acting. Try again fella.

Take away the glasses and he looks like John Mark Karr.

Lol, the overacting reminds me of Star-Trek… Ironically, the shows have about an equal basis in real science between them!

Oh, crap. He’s going to try to act. RUN!!

Was the part where he got punched in the face better or the part where he got killed? I loved both!

The fact that he is even on the air (let alone the lead in a hit show) amazes me. It sure has nothing to do with talent (pathetically lacking). Maybe he knows where the bodies are buried & blackmailed his way back onto TV.

Hi anyone else think he has a HUGE forehead??

Roundhouse kick. Next question?

I think he went to the Joey Tribiani school of acting .. takes the glasses off for effect. Gawd he’s a major douche and looks like an overgrown leprechaun.

This guy is the worst actor ever.

Quote of the day - "It is great that so many people can come together to share an overwhelming emotion...even if it is hatred for another person...David Caruso - bringing the world together, one person at a time..." (

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