Thursday, February 5, 2009

David Caruso - ...a mere 5 percent...

Icon of Idiocy David Caruso - a face only a mother could love!
Please allow us to present you with another example of America's new favorite leisure-time activity: blasting David Caruso! YEAHHHHHH:

“....this guy is a ham head ....What a laff! Monotone voice and one and 2 line scenes and you call him an actor.
Caruso in my opinion is a putz. CSI with Grissom is a show! You and your other 12 friends in here who like this boob, I aint tellin you not to but next time you see this tit turd hold a weapon, think about how stupid he looks. LOL ! I can picture the boob now, pistol raised, sunglasses on, head cocked at an angle...
It appears more to me that Caruso told THEM what HIS character was going to be and not vice versa.... David Caruso has been a no name actor for 40 years and always will be. Just because a handful of you like him doesnt mean hes an actor. Whenever a group of us talk TV actors, its usually a mere 5 percent of the crowd that can stand to even watch him watch him." ....(Dr. Tibbs)
Quote of the day - "...for the rest of us, David Caruso represents the worst of the worst. Or, he may represent the future when we all give up TV. ..." (

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