Sunday, February 1, 2009

David Caruso - Why people don't like CSI Miami

Successful shows have many fathers: writers, directors, producers and last but not least the cast. However, those things are all being put into question when the lead of the show is such a ridiculously bad actor - like Icon of Idiocy David Caruso - that people rather poke out their eyes than watch the show:

....Speaking of David Caruso. God! Why!? What made the producers decide this guy should be cast as the lead character? Am I the only one that thinks this guy should quietly slink away into the Florida Everglades and be swallowed up whole by a hungry alligator?
What the hell is with the idiotic one liners?
Okay, I understand the cheezy one liners began with the likes of Stallone's Rambo character or Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies, but good god damn, this is David Caruso. The tilting of his head, whipping off his Silhouette sunglasses and proclaiming to the smug, yuppie sailboat owner, that he knows raped and killed the 18 year old college student on spring break, "Oh, the DNA will put you there. Count on it." Then he gives that 'make-you-wanna-rip-my-spleen-out-with-a-spoon' grin before he stiffly walks away.
And I understand that there are writers that make this shit up, but even Stallone pulled it off better then David Caruso.. The point is, even with the written in one liners, David Caruso isn't a pimple on Stallones ass.
And, as far as I'm concerned, Clint was the only guy that could pull off the one liners. Spaghetti westerns, Dirty Harry. Now that guy was a stud in his day, and even now he could still pistol whip Caruso into oblivion with a good, "Go ahead, make my day!"
So Caruso, go away, and let someone that can actually act, that can step into the role and pull off the one liners, be the guy for a while....

Quote of the day - "Tess and I waited on David Caruso when I worked at the Pawn Shop. He really does talk like that guy on CSI... always like he's trying to have the last word, and that it has to be dramatic. Hah." (

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