Tuesday, February 3, 2009

David Caruso - Syrupy fetish

Not surprisingly, people having a laugh or two at Icon of Idiocy Caruso's expense. Seriously people, who wouldn 't? Bobby Finstock, founder/webmaster of Pointless Banter did a great job with the following hilariously funny post:

Q: Why did Khandi Alexander leave as the autopsy expert on CSI: Miami?–Emma Freeman, Fort Worth, Tex.

A: Very good question. The easy answer is because she has a new show coming out on HBO but that isn’t the truth. It is really a little known fact that David Caruso has some very racist sexual fetishes. All I know is that I heard rumors about an Aunt Jemima outfit, syrup, a toaster, and his testicles. Far be it for me to judge but I wouldn’t blame her for leaving the show either, Caruso can’t be that attractive dressed as Aunt Jemima....

Does anyone actually like David Caruso?

NO, not really....
Quote of the day - "CSI-Miami. David Caruso has been annoying since Day 1 and the shows showing his charater (lack of) development should have been taken out to the woodshed and been put out of our miserey long ago." (http://divbyzero.newsvine.com/_news/2008/10/26/2041613-canceled-without-pity-should-have-been-canceled )

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