Monday, February 9, 2009

David Caruso - Presumed Crappy

What happens if Icon of Idiocy David Caruso and larger than life diva P. Diddy meet for a scene?
ACTING BRUTALITY !!! at your own risk. A crappy scene between two crappy actors on one of the crappiest shows in TV-history could go something like that:

Diddy: I know the law. You might even say it's my job. Just call me Sean Combs: Lawttorney At Law. [he sniffs the air] I know I am king. Are you?

[Diddy tosses a bottle of his fragrance I Am King to Caruso. Caruso, being Caruso, lets it fall to the floor. The bottle shatters.]

Caruso: Oops.

[The score plinks dramatically for another 10 minutes. Caruso puts on his aviators and walks around in the perpetual Miami sunset. Caruso's hair looks like a soft cotton top of a giant Q-tip soaked through with iodine and left out in the sun. There's a closeup of a knife wound. More dramatic plinking. End.]

Faithful readers of our blog now, the more PR an episode gets the shittier it will turn out, With the large amount of promos we have been showered with in the last hours it is a sure thing that this episode will most likely be nothing but A HUGE PILE OF CRAP...
Quote of the day - "That David Caruso clip has confirmed my decision to give up t.v. was absolutely sound!" (

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