Saturday, January 31, 2009

David Caruso - Spot David Caruso being a twat!

We are well aware that there are countless Icon of Idiocy David Caruso Drinking Games out there. No real suprise here. Caruso's acting is so bad that some only can bear to watch it while being completely intoxicated.
A fellow blogger invented a new amusing form of the game. He calls it

'Spot David Caruso being a twat':

According to the autor it's very easy to play:
We have a laptop set up, with a spreadsheet open, and for each episode we watch, we keep a count of various David Caruso mannerisms:
  • "Manipulating sunglasses"
    "Saying the same thing two or more times in row"
    "Being a condescending bastard"
    "Acting As Though He's A Jesus Figure"etc
He's still the same sickening overacting ham that he'd become, but it makes the show much more interesting; since the action on the screen is somewhat secondary to the ever-increasing scores. One episode (Season 1, episode four) was a record for 'condescending bastard' moments. We were at the end of Episode 5, when I casually mentioned the lack of his taking off his sunglasses, when not 10 seconds later, closeup and he's taking off his sunglasses, a palpable hit!
As our spreedsheet grows, we can track his performance history, do pivot tables and geeky sillyness to prove how bad Caruso is.
(Warning: I would make it a sipping game, rather than a shotglass event, unless you can afford multiple bottles of booze, and have a hankering for a little alcoholic poisoning ...)
Quote of the day - ....Suddenly, we are faced with watching a comically absurd David Caruso skulk around South Beach on "CSI Miami"..(

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