Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blame it on David Caruso!

There is a funny game called "Time to lay some blame. And if you can't think of anyone blame David Caruso!"
We have chosen the top 7 answers because they are just too good to miss:
  1. True Fact: David Caruso wallpapered his rec-room with the missing Ohio ballots in '04.

  2. Caruso was on iceberg duty on the Titanic, but he was so busy fapping about with his sunglasses that he missed the big one. 1100 souls on his ginger head

  3. Nigerian scam artists only want your money so they can buy pirated copies of Caruso bombs like "Jade," which are used units of exchange in a collapsing economy.

  4. Caruso once told Paris Hilton, "You know, you should really throw yourself into the limelight. Don't just be some demure billionaire heiress"

  5. David Caruso is the reason I didn't lose my virginity until I was 30.

  6. Carbon monoxide is no longer the leading cause of fatal poisonings in North America. Carbon monotony is. Thanks a heap, Dave

  7. Sounds like 2002 was a banner year for el doucharino.

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