Thursday, February 14, 2008

David Caruso - The (drunk?) man in the mirror!

I'm forced to watch this show and many other of CBS's shows at work during our lunch break cause a co-worker likes lame TV....
..........This explains my fascination with Caruso's horrible acting.

If I want to watch bad acting I'll watch old school bad acting with William Shatner (your Canadian boy) over act dramatically in Star Treck episodes.

I think he's Caruso's protege.

It's the profiling that really gets me. I'm convinced Caruso's drunk during the taping of these shows as it seems he's always leaning and he stands with his feet very far apart from each other. Once I saw him almost fall over into someone in a conversation on that show.

I bet, Caruso is looking at himself in a mirror right now practicing taking off his sunglasses and seeing what profile side looks best of late.

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