Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Working with DAVID CARUSO....

This supposedly happened long ago - 1994 - is just hearsay, may be true or not - however we decided to post it anyway.
Read it .
Draw your own conclusion...WE already have!

"..This is hear-say, but the cinematographer from NYPD Blue came to my film school to speak and somebody asked him about working with David Caruso. His response was pretty hilarious. He said that David got into an arguement with the director about his lines and ended by physically hitting the director and storming off set. The next day, he bought him a Pontiac Firebird as an apology......."
We all have heard about Caruso's temper tantrums.
We all have heard that he kicked a waste-basket after Dennis Franz .
Is David Caruso a bully and a thug?
Would an incident like the above be out of character?
We think NOT...

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