Sunday, February 24, 2008

David Caruso (Horatio) Miami!

We see our blog as first port of call for all those who are fed up with David Caruso, with his sub-par acting, his hamming and for he daily growing number of people who ask themselves why Caruso is still allowed to "grace" the TV-screen.

Now peoples' discontentedness doesn't even stop of short the "holy" CBS Miami Message Board:
David Caruso (Horatio) Miami
From: kbaxhen
Posts: 2
We have stopped watching CSI Miami only because of Caruso. He is top of the line HAM. He speaks as tho' he were the only one in the room and is watching himself in a mirror. Other actors on that show are great, and should be given credit for making it ALMOST worth watching. Caruso was good on NYPD Blue, but his "lead" role has truly gone to his head and egomania has taken over.

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