Tuesday, February 19, 2008

David Caruso - EPIC....(Epical bad)

David Caruso - His acting is beyond epic, and his one -liners will drop you dead IRL. (And by "epic" I mean God damn awful)

I don't like him at all...... It kills me how he's such a try hard in it though - his slow monotone speach is him trying too hard to be intense that it's not fooling anybody. Those shades make him look more like a try hard too.

He just doesn't look cool wearing them.
Plus he's always posing.

Also see him walk, stop, and he'd be standing sideways and would only turn his head and talk to the person, with one or both arms on his waist. What a poser.... I can always see a big "L" (for Loser) on his forehead everytime he does this......

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