Wednesday, February 27, 2008

David Caruso, the word "WE" and wishful thinking

We do know how hard it is for some fans to come to terms that David Caruso dumped Liza Marquez two weeks before she was due to give birth. But everyone who knows David Caruso and his bad track record with relationships/women knows it was only a matter of time.

Today David Caruso gave an interview for ET Tonight. Among other things, he was asked what he was up to during the forced hiatus from the show:
Well, it is obvious, isn't it?
Caruso promoted a start-up
Caruso has got a new girl-friend.
AND Caruso spent quality time with his children.
Of course, Caruso didn't have this children by himself. Naturally, there is a woman who gave birth to them. Hence the word WE,
Caruso DOESN'T SAY "Me and Liza are happy together".
Caruso DOESN'T SAY "WE have a great relationship."
Caruso just says "WE have two little ones."
Nothing more or less.....
If this is HARD EVIDENCE (????) that Liza Marquez and David Caruso are still together than we are dealing here with a severe case of wishful thinking.....LOL.(

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