Friday, February 1, 2008

David Caruso knows he's a douche bag

We always suspected that David Caruso isn't entirely unaware of the fact that people think he is a complete douche bag. The following comment - found in the shallows of the Internet - confirmed our suspicions:
"A friend of mine guest starred on CSI: Miami a while ago, and I asked him how it went because Caruso has a reputation of being a dickhead. As it turns out, Caruso knows what a joke he is..or specifically his character is, and he delivers the lines as cheesy as he can on purpose. He also knows that the whole sunglasses thing is a joke, and plays that up too......There are several other stories that I can't really disclose, but suffice it to say, most actors on these shows know how much of a joke they are." (
RIIIGHT.....But then, better being the butt of jokes than another eight years without a job and recognition - RIGHT DAVID????


Luna said...

David is so hot

Cole said...

Well, if you LIKE douch-bags....