Friday, February 15, 2008

David Caruso - Too wrinkly for HD?

VISUALLY CSI Miami is one of the best quality shows presented in High Definition.While watching the show on our Sony 1080p tv we saw something we had never seen before. The show still had razor sharp Picture Quality but every time the camera focused on David Caruso it was a soft blurry shot.

We were stunned and found this quite comical. It happened over and over throughout the show, almost annoying because all of the other shots were so stunning and then it would cut to a really blurry shot of Caruso.

So what is going on?

We've heard of actresses who have lost careers to HD but actors? Who is behind this, the producers or did Caruso put this in his contract?
We've seen the soft HD camera trick before, Food Network does this with several of their cooks that apparently are not HD worthy.

Is this a trend of the future or only until the Before High Definition (BHD) actors and actresses are weeded out?

If anyone has any ideas let me know......We'll be tuning in to see if it was just a one week thing or a season long decision that David Caruso HAS A FACE FOR RADIO!!!

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