Friday, February 8, 2008

David Caruso's SOJ's have got it all!

David Caruso is only second rate - no matter what he does. All the movies he made more or less bombed. He married three times and got divorced three times. It seems that no decent woman was able to abide living with him.

In reality, NOT David Caruso is the star of "CSI Miami" - but his SOJ's (Sunglasses of Justice)! Caruso is nothing but an interchangeable prop.

So, it is only natural that....

David Caruso's Sunglasses (7 p.m., CBS) The star of the hit series "CSI: Miami" gets a variety show. Tonight, David Caruso's Sunglasses sings "Abraham, Martin, and John" and welcomes TV magician Criss Angel and teen sensation Mylie Cyrus. Special appearance by David Caruso.
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chariah said...

hey girl! i miss you so much,how you doing? i love you.

Cole said...

I'm right here for you and your friends!