Wednesday, December 24, 2008

David Caruso - Bad actor in a bad role in a bad show

Seldomly have we come across such a dead-on comment like the following. It sums up nicley everything that is so wrong with CSI Miami and Icon of Idiocy David Caruso:

....CSI Miami - The acting is horrible and the storys are frankly boring after you've seen them much better acted and written. I don`t really like the original CSI but I understand it's a good show with good actors. David Caruso tries hard to be Petersen/Grissom but he just comes off as a bad actor in a bad role in a bad tv series .
The CSI people should lower their ambition cause they're causing real harm to scripted TV. Overall, it's bad as a tv show as Fran Drescher would be as a singer - really bad.
And David Caruso is the worst actor ever.
He should take acting lessons from Edmund Kayyuen. David Caruso drags the show into the gutter. He is just so horrible. He is always trying to act extremely "cool", but instead he comes across as a wannabe cool old man. ......
Quote of the day - ".....that David Caruso is awful and who cast that walking bag of skin cancer in a show set in Florida?!!! He's a pale red head. It's suicide.... " (


ALOHAjohn said...

I like David Caruso's character...more of a vigilante type. I have enjoyed this show since the first episode until I recently watched the episode with the P. Diddy or Daddy or what ever he is calling himself now as a guest star(star?). What absolutely amateur, ghetto-style acting! I have never posted a comment online before but feel so repulsed at what I just watched feel the need to express my disgust. Whoever made the decision to do an episode with this guy must owe him a favor or want something from him! Very, very disappointing!

Cole said...

There is another epiosde with Diddy. To air in 3 weeks!