Saturday, December 27, 2008

David Caruso - Ugly trash the world doesn't need!

The world is full of ugly things - animals, people, clothing items and Icon of Idiocy David Caruso.
David Caruso - a creature devoid of any qualities, manners and sense of style. After all, what self-respecting male in his late Fifties would wear a fugly Walmart-shirt like that? (See picture to the right!)

Obviously, David Caruso inspired some people outside of CBS to make a buck or two . CSI merchandise is inconspicuous and suitable for every day wear ( Miami merchandise on the other hand - which consists mainly of David Caruso's wrinkled careworn mug printed on everything possible - gives the term ugly trash a whole new meaning. According to our sources the T-shirt sells for twenty-five bucks. Phew....

Since it is a known fact that David Caruso collects everything with his image on it it is just as matter of time until the dork will be photographed wearing the above atrocity. We can't wait...trash never seems to get out of just has to look at David Caruso!
Quote of the day - "....Focus on the real no talent hacks out there like David Caruso..."

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