Thursday, December 25, 2008

David Caruso - RED Special Christmas Trash

There are many things the world really doesn't need: war, diseases, another movie/show with Icon of Idiocy David Caruso and the latest issue of RED titled "Special Christmas Issue" YUCK.


The pre-adolescent fangirl-magazine devoted to Icon of Idiocy David Caruso with the high tendency to bore the Internet-world out of its mind with lame stories, fanfiction a pre-schooler could have written and very silly games.
We understand that not everyone is able to produce a juicy, interesting and glossy magazine that satisfys every need. However, things take a turn for the worse if the author is a fan of Icon of Idocy David Caruso. Said fan likes to neglect things that have David Caruso appear in a not so favorable light.
After the first pointless issue - which didn't convince us in the least - we thought we should give it another chance. However, after going through the second equally dull issue we have come to the conlusion that whatever talents the author may have - it clearly is NOT writing.

In summary: only for die-hard fans. If you are looking for real information, juicy details and reading material grown-up people might be interested in you are well- advised to look elsewhere.

Quote of the day - "..Now all I think of when I hear that song is that @sshole David Caruso...."


Sam said...

I have read this magazine from Miss Malone AND also the FIRST one that was out, that Miss Malone was invited or rather invited herself to join, but when it became clear what a success it was going to be, Ms Malone decided she wanted THE credit and opted for Red.

I have read both, and I have opted for the other magazine, as it is more professionally done, and as for the ..well you cannot even class it as amateur..project, the layout is terrible and as for the spelling mistakes and grammar well...

If that is the level of intelligence Ms Malone is aiming for her in her readership I think her readers ought to be asking does she consider them of low intelligence??

From my correspondence with the lady who does the other magazine, I shall be sticking with hers as it is more professionally done, and is much more worth a read. I understand also that the lady sent her regards for Ms Malones project, pity MS Malone could not have sent the same greetings back, since she did NOT originally think of the idea herself.

In fact whilst I am here I would also ask Ms Malone, why did she jump ship in the first place, would it not be better to have ONE professional magazine rather than one professional one and one NOT EVEN amateur one?

Cole said...

I don't know why Emily keeps on publishing this piece of boring trash. There are no news, no things of real interest - just the ramblings of a highly delusional mind.
Who wanst to read boring fanfics which are neither racy nor interesting to read? Who wants to be bothered with childish riddles? If you put up a fanmagazine it should at least have something to offer. Something that makes people go back to it over and over again.
Everything is second rate and unprofessional - from the pictures, to the layout to the things she writes about.
Who needs crap like that?

Sam said...

I completely agree, but then if my friend who brought the intitial magazine out, had NOT befriended Malone, then I doubt very much Red would be here, as I was told that when she found out about the other magazine being produced, she was so excited and wanted to be a part of it, but did not like the thought of being only a 'assistant' editor and NOT getting the credit for the idea, hence she jumped ship and Red was born. A title incidently that the editor of the other magazine thought was not appropriate for a magazine dedicated to Mr Caruso.

I have also read Red, to compare, and to say I have been told it is written by PROFESSIONAL writers then that worries me as the level of grammar is disgusting and not worthy of even being called 'Amateur'.

The layout is bland and even though it is several pages long, the actual number of stuff that is in the current issue is actually around 3 or 4 spread out over several pages.

Don't know about being called Red it should be called Crap!

Cole said...

EXACTLY. Because that's what it is.

...but don't come here and slam us for our work - especially when we are PROFESSIONALS at our job...posted by Lucy, the moron

ROFLMAO.....Professionals,my ass! And then you deliver shit like that? No wonder nobody reads that crap except a few delusional fan-girls. Tell, me professionals, you can't come up with something BETTER than that?

Anonymous said...

RED is as professional as a roll of toilet paper.

Cole said...

I couldn't have said it better.

One final remark Sam: I am sure you are not fooled by anything moron "Nancy" writes. Her ramblings are laughable at best. (Kindergarden remarks) Judged by the syntax used it is crap only KRoseLynn would write.
Interestingly enough, Em removed the IP-address of the posters. Meaning someone is posting under several different names to give the impression Em has support where in reality there is none.

If RED is ALL those "professionals" can come up with than I can't help but feel sorry for them - so little talent, so much time. LOL!

Vixen said...

Sam, I know you had a reason why you posted what you posted and I have to say I have to applaud - it worked well.
You have a point, you know.

A real knee-slapper are the KINDERGARTEN-COMMENTS on fangirls Em's page...

"oh please, it was not me....
"I would never say anything to hurt you"
"Buh, buh, buh....if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all...

How OLD are these people - 5, 10? It also shows that those morons who actually read RED or visit Em's sorry excuse of a page have no brain at most of David Caruso's fans...LOL

Sam said...

That does not surprise me if that is true her removing the IP addresses if 'made up people' are posting.

She is desperate to make sure she suceeds no matter what as she does not want this other lady too, with it being her original idea. I asked the other lady what she thought of the whole idea, and she said she wished she had never befriended Malone as this would never have happened.

I mean why didnt Malone stay with the 'Original' mag instead of branching out on her own?

I have to say I have read this other ladys work and it is GREAT!

Incidentally, I posted my thoughts on Malones board, as I was told she had wanted comments, so I gave them, and because I said I liked the other ladys mag much more, I was 'abused verbally and attacked verbally too!'

I also found out that aside there differences the lady had wished Malone well, but Malone could not extend the same courtesy.

Also I have leave with this comment, I have been told it is MY fault that people are going to Malones trash because I have bad mouthed her adn they want to support her - logic there somewhere.

Also I have been accused of being David's stalker!

Sam said...

That comment you qouted cole was about me, and yes you are right, if that is professional, then God help the REAL professionals, but maybe thats what peeing them off, that my friends IS more professional and to a VERY high standard.

Cole said...

I know. I followed the dispute and thought it is quite interesting how a group of people can make such a fuss about an online-magazin.
It is really nothing special. On the contrary. It is very boring and not worth the time to red it.

Sam said...

No it is not worth reading, and it is a shame people like Malone are dragging the other one down, which in my opinion is the best and more professionally done. I enjoy reading that one immensely. It is a shame that Malone wants, no craves the limelight and credit so much.

Cole said...

I always have to laugh about the "no negative comments" allowed policy of Malones blog. Why blog at all if you don't allow a diversity of opinion? Beats me.
Anyway, RED is forgetable and nothing more than a teenagers trashy dream of an online-magazine.

Sam said...

IS that on her website supposedly dedicated to david?

Red was born because Malone could not have her own way over my friends mag, and and she was sure peed off as she had not thought of the idea herself - WHICH she admitted to my friend in the end.

My friends mag is MUCH more professional and enjoyable. :D