Sunday, December 21, 2008

David Caruso - A daunting example for everyone

It is used as a dauting example for everyone whose attitude /behavior starts to become unbearable. Just like kids are warned that their bad actions will be punished for sure it is a warning to everyone who thinks she/he deserves more. In every field of the entertainment industry, sports, business etc. it is used as a broad hint. Meaning - get your act together or....:

You don't want to end up like David Caruso, do you?

We think it has merrit. We doubt Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight, Jeremy Piven or (in this case) footballer Lucas Neil want to spend the next ten years or so deemed complete losers by everyone like Icon of Idiocy David Caruso:

.....The last thing he will want to be known as is the David Caruso of football.
David Caruso, you will remember, got too big for his boots on NYPD Blue and quit to concentrate on his film career. Then he made Jade. He’s now back in television, on CSI: Miami, having learned the hard way that misplaced ambition can sometimes get your life in an awful mess and what you already have to begin with usually ain’t that bad at all. ...

How true.
Quote of the day - "...and "CSI: Miami" makes be gag, because of David Caruso's ego, red hair, and ever-present sunglasses."

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