Monday, December 22, 2008

David Caruso - L'ego de David Caruso

It always depends how one looks at things. Only a small minority of incredibly ignorant cyber-surfers seems to think that a caricature is meant as praise to the celebrity. Ridiculous, we know. Especially, if one is as mercilessly spoofed 24/7 as Icon of Idiocy David Caruso.
Of course, we have to differ between harmless pre-adolescent fan-caricatures and drawings/enactments/spoofs by those who are real masters of their trade.

If someone continously is made fun of - can that really be seen as a compliment? Or is it more a ridicule of the person itself and the non-existing (acting) talents?
We think in Caruso's case the latter is rather applicable.
Who - in the history of TV- has been made more fun of than Icon of Idiocy David Caruso ? Not even the unbeatable William Shattner got/gets as much flack from the media as David Caruso.
Not that it is undeserved. It is the publics' small but very effective revenge for the bad acting/line reading we had to endure over the past six years.
A real masterpiece - and oddly neglected by Caruso's few remaining fans - is the following video about the writers strike and yts aftermath for scripted nightmares like CSI Miami. One even could say it beats Jim Carrey's imitation by far:

Quote of the day - "I would have to say David Caruso. He ruins CSI Miami for me. Another one for David Caruso, without his ego they could get some good actors..." (

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