Sunday, December 28, 2008

David Caruso - Menage a trois

First and foremost - we think this is absolutely hilarious. Two Icon of Idiocy David Caruso-fans at each other throats. Curtain up!
The pivotal issue : one fan published a magzine of poor quality and content.
( Amateurish work at its worst. Second fan dares to cricticize author of said magazine. Author goes completely bananas and attacks critical fans. Looks like David Caruso fans - the few the douche has left - can't deal with criticism.
TV couldn't be better!!
As a conlcusion to this never ending story (until the next issue) we like to copy and paste the comment of said critical fan. The comment that had the author spreading her verbal dysentry all over the place. We haven't corrected spelling/grammar-errors since we think those things are secondary at best. What really counts is the content:

"I am afraid if this mag of yours is the best you can come up with, then I think you should have either stuck with the other one OR stuck to being a reader. sorry but this 'Red' is not worthy of anything and is no Christmas present . The writing is bad, and I have been chatting with other people and they cannot believe the amateurish product it is and bad spelling in RED.
Again one professional mag is out, and one very bad mag is out too. And finally,you claim to have people who are professional writers etc. God help them then with the style and grammar of 'RED'.
Btw that is not just me saying that as I have shown the ..copy of RED to professional people, they would NOT even look any further than the first two pages.
As for the ..well you cannot even class it as amateur..project, the layout is terrible and as for the spelling mistakes and grammar well...If that is the level of intelligence Ms Malone is aiming for her in her readership I think her readers ought to be asking does she consider them of low intelligence?
I have also read RED, to compare, and to say I have been told it is written by PROFESSIONAL writers then that worries me as the level of grammar is disgusting and not worthy of even being called 'Amateur'. The layout is bland and even though it is several pages long, the actual number of stuff that is in the current issue is actually around 3 or 4 spread out over several pages. Don't know about being called RED it should be called Crap!"...(Sam, )

Ain't it sweet?
The long and short of it: Obviously RED - no matter what issue - is a complete waste of time. Something only morons would like. But then, people who like David Caruso are morons......just like Icon of Idiocy David Caruso himself. LOL.
Quote of the day - "....and any CSI that doesn’t involve David Caruso is good too."

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