Monday, December 29, 2008

David Caruso - David Caruso vs Emily Procter II

It didn't come unexpected.
Everyone who has followed Icon of Idiocy David Caruso's "path" over the years knows that it was just as matter of time until it would be back again: David Caruso's famed bad (DIVA) behavior.
It is like an illness you are born with. You can hide it, pretend to have overcome it - but at one point it will show up again.
David Caruso's latest victim: lovely co-star Emily Procter.
They say there is a huge rift between the uncharismatic lead and the Southern beauty - mostly due to David Caruso's overbearing attitude.
Watching the last few episodes of CSI Miami the one od other may have noticed that the scenes between David Caruso/Emily Procter have become a rarity. And if they have one or the other alibi-scene together it is a far cry from the ones we have seen in earlier seasons.

A poll was set up to ask readers/fans/friends about what they think could have caused the open dislike between Caruso and Procter. Now the poll has closed and we are happy to present the revealing results. Of course, there was never a doubt among those people and us who the culprit in this case is:

Title: Obviously, Emily Procter is mightely pissed at David Caruso. Could this be because of...
Poll opened: Oct. 28, 2008
Poll closed: Dec. 28, 2008
Votes: 21
...Caruso's-smell-the-fart-acting? 33%
...Caruso's well-known temper-tantrums? 33 %
...Caruso's urge to be the center of attention 24/7? 33%

Thank you, folks! We think the results are perfect. There is a good possibility that it was all three things combined that caused Caruso and Procter to be friends no more. We pity everyone who has to work with someone like Caruso.
Quote of the day - "One thing misleading about the ratings is that people don’t have CSI parties Except David Caruso’s family, who’s thrilled he still has a show...." (


Talia said...

the only reason emily and david havn't had many scenes together is because the writers are to busy trying to get eric and calleigh together

Cole said...

Says who, you?
Fangirl, it is always wise to think before posting comments like that.
I don't know who or what your "source" is but it is bullshit. You sound like one of nitwits mentally challenged readers.