Saturday, December 13, 2008

David Caruso - Underwhelmed audiences

There are legions of Icon of Idiocy David Caruso/CSI Miami-detractors out there who need to be heard. And we are more than honored and happy to be able to give them a voice and provide them with the attention they deserve :

....I still love the original CSI, but am frankly a little sick of CSI MIAMI because of David (tilt my head down and speak in a low voice so the director will not realize what a crappy actor I am) Caruso. And what's up with the perpetual orange glow on that show? The show seems to be all style, no substance. Too many artsy shots and long musical sequences with no dialogue CSI-Miami is just plain hard to watch. Especially with David Caruso as lead. I tire quickly of his uber-machismo and the graphic depictions of violence and forensics.There are a lot of us who can't turn the television off fast enough when we we see CSI Miami comes on.
David Caruso is the most over-actor on the CSI lineup.
Caruso has got to be the most ridiculously portrayed actors on television. The camera shots of Caruso, (only from his right side, please, and only with the dark glasses)...come on.
David Caruso, Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey need to go into the hall of fame for the most obnoxious over the top alleged talents in their craft. A little of each of them goes a long way. Argghhh....


Quote of the day - " was really The David Caruso Show. He was good as John Kelly, although I've never cared for any of his other work that I've seen. It's not surprising that he developed ego problems in that year, since the show was so blatantly trying to present him as the sole star." (

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