Tuesday, January 27, 2009

David Caruso - Caruso's orgasm

These are pictures from a recent CSI Miami-shooting in Pasadena, California. From the look of it Lizard Lady (Elizabeth Berkley) will return once again. We can't wait for the High Noon of bad acting: Icon of Idiocy David Caruso vs. Elizabeth Berkley. Now, THAT is acting brutality........


(Click on pictures to enlarge!)
Since Icon of idiocy David Caruso gets no love from the critics he hangs himself onto every fan that is avilable or has the bad luck to stumble upon him:
....A crew member told us that on one occasion when they were filming in Long Beach, a large tour bus filled with 75 German tourists pulled up, and got very excited that David Caruso was there. David stopped filming and proceeded to sign autographs and take pictures with each and every person on that bus!!! ...

We are sure the rest of the cast must have had the time of their lives waiting for diva Caruso to end this self-adulation/fan-adulation and go back to work.
Quote of the day - "Anyone that watches more than one episode of CSI:Miami notices the weird stance of David Caruso....He’s too lazy to go check it out himself, but will still get the credit for everything. A little ego check, please .." (http://zuzuernie.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/come-to-the-dark-side/)


Anonymous said...

People complain when he doesn't sign autographs and they complain when he does. What do you want from him????

Cole said...

It all depends HOW you do things. The golden middle-way is the right thing to go. Not the way like Caruso does it - making a show out of it and putting himself front and center 24/7...
Besides, those cards are only pre-signed. He takes them with him everywhere he goes. Sick.