Wednesday, January 28, 2009

David Caruso - Sixty-Four-Dollar-Question

Q: What happens when one puts together a couple of ridculously bad writers with a cast of nobodies and one washed-up movie-star?
A: CSI Miami !

Bad acting, bad directing, bad writing....
...Do I have to continue? I've been a CSI fan for a long time, starting with the original series, covering (reluctantly) CSI:Miami and on to CSI:NY. Thanks to some brilliant guest actors and turns in the plot of CSI: Crime Scene Investigators I've been able to forget the cheesyness of CSI: Miami for over a year.
I just watched an episode of CSI Miami and it's the worst crap I've seen in years. The characters have miserably failed to develop at all since the beginning of the show, realism factor is ridiculous and let's not mention David Caruso.
He was the worst casted actor in a cast of nobodies without talent and ambition that keeps on delivering nothing! This is like Days of our Life's with guns (why do they arrest people again?) Please shut this show to sleep forever and let's not mention it again... (BigCse)
Quote of the day -"... but I'd have to say CSI: Miami. I cannot fucking stand David Caruso. He can diaf as far as I'm concerned. Ugh. I don't see why they made 3954394 spin offs anyway, since the original one was so good anyway...." (

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